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Socialising made simpler. JUST TAP.

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One card. No app needed.

From your own Pikkir Portal simply share and hide profiles at your demand. Also get real time statistics on the number of clicks on each social profile.

Perfect for personal or business use

JUST TAP & SHARE YOUR Instagram Facebook Whatsapp Depop LinkedIn Website Email Mixcloud ANYTHING

The possibilities are endless

Social Innovation

There's more you need to know

More and more features are continuously being added

Connect your audience with one link and share all of your important content.

It's the future launchpad to your videos , articles, store, website, social post – everywhere you are online

Add your payment link and create your transactions. Just tap and get paid.

“Hey you owe me still from last nights dinner”

” Oh can I transfer?”

” Yea.. thats cool  *Taps phone like a boss*

“Cool i'll transfer you the payment on this link now”

Just tap and share your Pikkir Social profile on Iphone or Android. The other person receiving your details does not need an app or need to register. We've just made it easier for them to save you as a contact. Full compatible list here 

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