Why isn't it working on my iPhone? – If your phone isn't on this list, no problem! You can still share your Pikkir profile with other compatible devices. -Make sure to Tap your card on the very top of the back of your phone. -Tap on the QR code. A Pikkir card CANNOT be read when: – phone is in airplane mode – device flashlight is on – screen is off – camera is open – Not taped on the QR code Why isn't it working on my Android? -Try to tap the Pikkir card on the very center of the back of your phone. -Make sure your phone works with Pikkir card compatibility list but if its not on the list no problem! You can still share your Pikkir profile with other compatible devices. -Turn on NFC capabilities in your phone settings by going in and searching for NFC How do I share my Pikkir Social profile with non-compatible phones? All smart devices, Apple and Android, that are updated with the latest software have a built-in QR code scanner. Simply open up the camera and point at the QR code. All iPhones models XR and later (September 2018) have NFC integration enabled and almost 90% of the Android devices do to How does this work? The Pikkir card contains a smart chip that wirelessly sends your information to the phone as soon as you tap it. For older generation phones that don't have NFC, there is a QR code which you can scan and it will work the same. Can I give these away as gifts? Yes! These are great gift or all different occasions. What material is the card made of?  The card is made of a premium metal which is then engraved with the Pikkir logo. It is made to be extremely durable and contains a high end chip which should lats up to 10 years Can I update the information on my card? Once you received your card and followed the instructions account is activated you’ll be able to build your profile. In your account you will be able to update your information whenever and as many times as you would like. Changes made are reflected in real time on the card and on your Account. Can Pikkir Social cards work through phone cases? Yes, We have tested it on 1000 different phones with different cases and it has a 98% success rate. Its only rarely you will have to take the phone case off. How long will it take to get my Pikkir Social Card? Shipping time within the UK s typically 1-5 business days*, depending on your location. (during the holidays can be longer due to postal services slowing down/closing) *please allow up to 10 working days Shipping time outside of the UK is typically 15-20 business days. Please contact us on hello@pikkir.com if you haven't received your order or would like to request rushed shipping!